Five hundred and seventeen years ago the people of the town of Ketts people sealed themselves up in an underground fortress called Kettsdelve to escape a cataclysm in the world above that would come to be called the Harrowing. At the time scholars predicted it would be safe to emerge after five hundred years. 

Every year, for the past seventeen years, there has been a lottery to choose a group to make the journey outside to see if the world has become habitable again. None of the past winners has ever returned. 

Now your number has come up. If you return to the gates of Kettsdelve after a fortnight on the surface you may claim the lottery prize, Harkins Keep and will likely be hailed as a heroes and the people who led your people into the light again. If you fail another year will pass before a new group is sent into the outside world.

The World Begins Anew